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STORIES OF THE FORGOTTEN: Infamous, Famous & Unremembered


This compilation of stories stem from my various blogs, but  also include several new stories I have never published before. I have painstakingly reinvestigated each and every story to to provide you the most complete and accurate history, in the hopes that these stories will live on. From the mysterious deaths, suicides, murders and tragic accidents, each person’s life has an interesting and unique story to tell that is truly theirs and theirs alone. Please join me in this journey to another time, another place, to honor the stories of the forgotten.


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BEHIND THE WALLS- A Historical Exposé of The Preston School of Industry


If you are a truth seeker, "Behind The Walls" is definitely a book you will want to read. It will open your eyes to the distressing secrets held deep in history behind those ominous walls of Preston Castle. It is a fact based account of murder, mystery and mistreatment. Many might wonder what actually happened to the former inmates and employees of the Preston School of Industry. You will learn about the startling treatment they received and the outcome of their lives. If you want to learn true history about Preston, read this book.



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