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Join me once again as we explore more stories of the forgotten. With many more tales of accidental and unexplained deaths to unsolved mysteries and forgotten murders, in this second volume of the “Stories of the Forgotten” series, I have covered ten stories that had been lost to the annals of history. Travel with me to the Sacramento City Cemetery where you can visit a monument of love, or head over to the Ione Public Cemetery to learn about its most unique headstone and the sad story behind it. Learn about the tragic 1973 murders in Victor, California, where three families were destroyed by a pair of young serial killers. Then, follow me down to the historic Delta town of Locke, where you will learn the details about a tragic gambling game gone wrong.


Next, we travel up to Virginia City, Nevada where I will show you by way of documented sources, the true and correct story behind Julia Bulette’s life and death, including my debunking of many of the sensationalized accounts that have been spread as fact for the last several decades. While we’re still in the Gold Rush era, let me share with you the over the top life of Fanny Hinkley-Mills, whose life was more like something out of an old dime store novel, with an endless series of scandals that followed her like a dark shadow all the way up until her death.


Then let’s take a look at the Rancheria Murders, including the events that took place afterwards that ended the lives of many more people, including Amador County’s first and only Sheriff to die in the line of duty, William Phoenix. In this book, I also take a more in depth look at the story of Anna Corbin’s life and death which I have shared in my previous books and blogs. Anna’s story is one that has been overly sensationalized on various paranormal programs on television over the years due to her murder taking place at the Preston Castle, a.k.a., the Preston School of Industry in Ione, California back in 1950. By way of further investigation and help from her family, I have put the pieces of her life & death together for a better perspective of the whole story including a more in depth background on her accused murderer, Eugene Monroe.


Lastly, learn the tragic  account of Jennie Bowman, a domestic worker with a heart of gold who died defending the home of her employer during a robbery back in Louisville, Kentucky, 1887.  In each case, I present to you a thoroughly researched accounting of every story. This allows you to draw your own conclusions and find out where many of their graves can be found in cemeteries within the United States.





More Preston Castle History


If you have read my first book, "Behind The Walls," which covered the early history of the Preston School of Industry, then you may already know some of the stories hidden behind those castle walls. 


In this follow-up book, I have incorporated additional narratives discovered during my continued research. From dangerous and sometimes deadly incidents, to wild and crazy escapes and everything in between, this book is a concise but engaging read for anyone who is interested in learning more about Preston's lost history.


I also provide biographies of some of Preston's most famous and infamous former wards such as Merle Haggard, Rory Calhoun, Edmund "Spud" Murphy, Allen Smiley and Ernest Booth, as well as an entire chapter dedicated to former wards who ended up on Death Row, such as Caryl Chessman, the "Red Light Bandit." Besides the sad, tragic and downright vicious stories that took place there, I also provide several positive stories that came out of the school to show the good that came from the school as well.  Come with me to explore more Preston Castle history! 







Come travel back in time with me to explore the stories of the forgotten. From suicides to drownings, accidents and natural deaths to unsolved murders, these fatalities occurred under the most bizarre and mysterious circumstances. From chapter to chapter, you will delve into each story with their own tumultuous twists and turns. Find out what really happened to Octavia Hatcher and Julia Legare, both rumored to have been buried alive.


Read the details of the three equally mysterious drownings of Alida Ghirardelli, Ella Newton, and Agnes Jaycoax. Be shocked by the story of Rose De Fabrizio, the young bride who collapsed while walking up the steps of the church to be married. Find out the truth behind Savannah’s own mystery encircling the life and death of Corinne Elliott Lawton.  In San Diego County, let me show you the facts surrounding the Hotel Del Coronado’s “Beautiful Stranger,” as well as the puzzling account of Emma LeDoux, the infamous Black Widow of Amador County, and many more.  


Besides these narratives, I have covered many popular urban legends known throughout the country. See how I reveal the truth behind Burrillville, Rhode Island’s more recent folklore encompassing the tale of Bathsheba Sherman. Take a closer look at the origins of other urban legends within Niles Canyon, located near Fremont, California.  In each case, I present to you a thoroughly researched accounting of every story, allowing you to draw your own conclusions, and also learn where many of their graves can be found in cemeteries within the United States.


- J'aime Rubio, Author



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Behind The Walls Book


Behind The Walls: A Historical Exposé  Of The Preston School Of Industry


I want to thank everyone out there who has supported me and my writing by purchasing my first historical book, "Behind The Walls".  It took me four years of research and writing to compile several of these stories, some of which had not been written about in nearly 50 to over 100 years.  It was certainly a labor of love, and my research will never be fully completed as there are still so many tales left to be told.


If you are a truth seeker, "Behind The Walls" is definitely a book you will want to read. It will open your eyes to the distressing secrets held deep in history behind those ominous walls of Preston Castle. It is a fact based account of murder, mystery and mistreatment. Many might wonder what actually happened to the former inmates and employees of the Preston School of Industry. You will learn about the startling treatment they received and the outcome of their lives. If you want to learn true history about Preston, read this book.


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