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DREAMING CASUALLY (Investigative Blog)

"A step back in time to explore stories and mysteries of the past."


My original blog "Dreaming Casually" is where you can find the majority of my historical non-fiction investigative articles. 


Come travel back in time with me to explore the stories of the forgotten. From suicides to drownings, accidents and natural deaths to unsolved murders, these fatalities occurred under the most bizarre and mysterious circumstances. Besides these stories, I also cover the histories of historic locations and revisit events in history that are tied to haunted histories or urban legends.


Deconstructing The Conjuring


Lifting the veil to uncover the truth about the Richardson-Arnold House a.k.a. The Conjuring House!


Come with me on a journey where truth is the ultimate destination. Find out the true history of the home infamously known from the film "The Conjuring. 

Learn the real history, while I debunk all of the fakelore and slanderous nonsense that has been erroneously attached to both the property as well as many of the people who either lived in the house or who had resided in the small town of Burrillville, Rhode Island over the years. Most of all, learn the truth about Bathsheba Sherman, that she wasn't a witch or a murderer and that all of those horrible accusations were actually made up in the 1970s. Yes! This wasn't historical folklore, this was a made up story from the beginning. Want to know the real truth? Please follow this blog! 


Preston Castle History Blog 

"The History behind the Preston School of Industry"


This blog is solely dedicated to the history of the Preston School of Industry. I have been researching and writing about Preston for over a decade. I have published two historical non-fiction books on this subject within a 5 year period. This blog contains snippets of news headlines that pertain to historic events, short biographies of former wards, a complete index list of wards that I compiled which covers from the time the school opened in 1894 up until 1914. I also have other pieces that are more in depth and detailed, which can also be found within my books.

History of Lockeport 

"The true stories of Locke, California"


This is a one of a kind historical site on Delta town known as Locke, that will shed light on many subjects that have been ignored or blatantly dismissed over the years. I have done painstaking researching for several years now, in order to provide my readers with an accurate history of Locke. Over time, I have found a plethora of historical documents, archived newspaper accounts, records, directories, census records, voting registries that all tell us plenty more about the going son in this town's colorful past. Most of these stories have not been told since the events actually took place or were reported in the newspapers of the time. 

Other Blogs: 


Hollywoodland Forever 

"Uncovering tales from Old Hollywood."


Origins- What Does History Say?

"Lifting the veil to uncover truth."



Local History Blogs: 


Remembering Anaheim History


Remembering Stockton History



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