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Having spent many years in Amador County, and having researched and written about many events that had taken place there, it was apparent how important the mines were to the community. In my recent blogs last year, I went in depth into the true history of the Argonaut Mine Disaster which took place on August 27, 1922, but I really wanted to share all of the forgotten and ignored deaths that took place at the Kennedy Mine,  the mine just across the highway, that had been lost in the shadows of the infamous tragic events at the Argonaut. 


In this book we will take a deep dive into the history of the mine, where I will share with you each and every story of the miners who lost their lives at this location. Each person has a story to tell that is theirs and theirs alone. Come with me on that journey where were will go back in time, and I will share with you these stories of those forgotten men.

                                                                      ~  J'aime Rubio,  Author



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